Signs and symptoms how blepharitis can be prevented

Pediatric Eye Clinic Blepharitis is a type of red eye that is painless characterized by an inflammation of the eyelids, produced by an excess of fat and bacteria on the edge of the eyelid near the eyelashes. Scales and redness appear at the base of them. It is a common problem that affects around 30% of the population and is related to many cases of dry eye, since it leads to a deterioration in the quality of the tear. Signs and symptoms -Redness of the eye and on the edge of the eyelids.-Foreign body sensation.-Inflammation of the eyelids.-Irritation and itching of the eyes and eyelids-Tearing.-Ocular...

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Is it possible to stop the progression of myopia?

Pediatric Eye Clinic The high incidence of this visual defect among today's young people as a result of the use of screens has driven research in this direction Myopia advances because, basically, our eyes are not prepared for the visual needs that we currently require in near vision. The most recent studies lead us to think that the use of mobile phones and tablets from a very young age, as well as the increase in academic demand at an early age, could cause an increase in myopia There are two other measures to highlight to help slow the progression of myopia: First, orthokeratology (Ortho-K)....

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The importance of checking children's eyesight during school time

Pediatric Eye Clinic Vision care plays an essential role in academic achievement With the return to the classrooms of the little ones, the precautionary measures that both schools and parents have adopted this year due to the current health crisis have been extreme. Masks are part of the children's uniform and health care has been placed as the top priority within the school environment. But once again, one of the great forgotten among parents is the eye health of their children. Many children do not have their eyes checked at the beginning of the course, despite the fact that experts affirm...

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Protect the visual health of your children during their virtual classes

Pediatric Eye Clinic The excessive use of electronic devices has caused the vision to stop evolving correctly, so we offer you these recommendations that will help visual health. For some years now, the Computer Visual Syndrome has been presented, which was recurrent in people with constant use of electronic means such as cell phones, computers and tablets, today, although specialists recommend a number of minutes in front of the screen of an electronic device, it is almost impossible to do so in virtual classes that make children and adolescents spend more than three hours in front of a computer. That...

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What is triggering myopia cases?

Pediatric Eye Clinic This is what, in part contradicting optometrists, Kathryn Rose, a leading Australian researcher, said in an interview: “Many studies have examined the relationship between computer and television use on children's eye health and have not found an association between the time they spend on it and the development of myopia.

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What is it and how many people have myopia?

Pediatric Eye Clinic The definition says that myopia is a refractive error, usually due to the eye being longer than normal. This means that the distant light rays, when converging, do not coincide on the retina but before it. Hence the blurred vision.

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