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Pediatric Eye Clinic

Dr. Pedro Gomez specializes in Orthokeratology, medical treatment that helps patients improve their vision without surgery, this non-surgical procedure is completely reversible. It is a Therapy, reshaping the cornea allowing children, adolescents and adults to live better without using glasses or lenses. The Ortho-k can sometimes be an excellent alternative to Lasik. Call now to the clinic for an appointment, your child may be a candidate for this treatment for myopia control.

How to Insert / Remove Soft Contact Lenses

Non Surgycal Corneal Molding Ortho K

How is the Non Surgical Corneal Molding, Ortho K

Advantages of non surgical corneal molding or Ortho K

What are the differences between Ortho k and Lasik

Benefits from Ortho k in Children

How to wear Ortho-K Molds?