The Secret Of Perfect Vision

Follow These Six Easy Tips

There are six easy ways to ensure you are routinely on the right path to maintaining good eye health and protecting your vision.


1. See your eye doctor regularly.
When you are seeing well, or not having a noticeable visual impairment, it's easy to forget about making an appointment to see your eye doctor. Eye exams are not just for people experiencing changes in their visual acuity. An eye exam is an essential way to detect even the slightest changes to your eye health and, it can also detect other systemic health issues, such as glaucoma and diabetes, before there are any symptoms.

2. Protect your eyes.
It's important to protect your eyes from the environment. Most homes and offices have very dry air which can cause eye dryness and irritation.2 Using a humidifier to control air quality and lubricating eye drops are great options to help protect your ocular surface from irritation and dryness.

3. Eat well to protect your eyesight.
While we have all heard that eating carrots are good for your eyes, there are other food options that do a much better job of protecting your eyesight. Studies have shown that antioxidants and nutrients that are linked to a lower risk of common eye conditions include lutein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins C and E.

4. Using computers? Follow the 20-20-20 rule.
Staring at your computer or other digital devices can cause major strain on your eyes and can also cause dry eyes, blurry vision, and headaches.5 To help combat these issues, simply rest your eyes every 20 minutes by looking 20 feet in front of you for 20 seconds.

5. Say NO to smoking.
Smoking makes you more susceptible to developing macular degeneration, progresses the development of cataracts and can cause optic nerve damage.4 If you currently smoke, engage in a smoking cessation program to quit.

6. Taking care of your overall health protects your eyes too.
You know the importance of a healthy diet and the affect it has on your eye health. But did you know that exercise can also help by increasing circulation, which can lower pressure in the eyes? This can help those with glaucoma - a group of diseases caused by an increase in intraocular pressure (IOP), or pressure inside the eye.


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