How does astigmatism affect children?

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How does astigmatism affect children?
When the child has a small astigmatism, he does not suffer discomfort. On the other hand, when the degree is higher, you can have blurred vision at all distances, both far and near; manifesting at school age with problems seeing the blackboard or reading.

The child with astigmatism has a distorted perception of images and must make a great effort to try to compensate for the visual defect, which causes headaches, eye discomfort (frequent blinking, red eye, itching) and as a consequence poor school performance.

Also, if not corrected, it can cause amblyopia or lazy eye. Therefore, for the early detection of astigmatism and its correction, an ophthalmological check-up should be carried out on all children at three years of age, with a study of visual acuity, refraction, ophthalmometry, ocular motility and eye fundus.

Source: IO FernandezVega

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