What is triggering myopia cases?

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This is what, in part contradicting optometrists, Kathryn Rose, a leading Australian researcher, said in an interview: “Many studies have examined the relationship between computer and television use on children's eye health and have not found an association between the time they spend on it and the development of myopia.

Although it is an intuitive association that we usually make, it simply has not been confirmed. There are other studies that have found a relationship with reading and study time, but the effects are small and not very consistent ”.

And, right after, a possible solution, a camouflaged bridge: "The children may have substituted much of the time they used to spend outdoors for this type of activity."

This is the fashionable theory, collected in an article in the magazine 'Nature' and widely commented on in half the world: it is the lack of exposure to sunlight, the time that children now spend indoors (and reading or playing video games is something which usually becomes locked up), the real engine that is accelerating myopia. It was a hidden cause, like when coffee was thought to cause lung cancer years ago. He didn't: it was the cigarettes smoked with him that provoked and blamed him.

Some studies seem to point in that direction. When the variable "time outdoors" is introduced in them, it tends to be the winner: the more time outside, the less myopia. Regardless of reading, studying, video games or even physical exercise that can be done outside four walls.

There is also a mechanism that, in the laboratory, seems to explain it: sunlight stimulates the release of dopamine in the retina, and this inhibits the excessive growth of the eye during development.


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