What is it and how many people have myopia?

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The definition says that myopia is a refractive error, usually due to the eye being longer than normal. This means that the distant light rays, when converging, do not coincide on the retina but before it. Hence the blurred vision.


For some reason the numbers of myopics are starting to be alarming. In recent years, what has been called an epidemic of myopia has been witnessing, almost as if it were an infectious disease. In China, for example, 60 years ago there were only 10-20% myopic people. Now almost 90% are. And the phenomenon is not only oriental: in the United States it went from 25% in 1970 to more than 40% in 2000. In Spain the figures say that 25% of people have myopia, and that almost 50% of young people between 21 and 30 years old Suffer it.

Why don't you avoid this problem in time?


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