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Amblyopia in Houston TX

Lazy Eye Treatment

The earlier a lazy eye is checked out and treated, the better the chances of success. However, lazy eye treatment for adults is also effective, especially when motivation and commitment are strong. Studies show marked improvement in visual acuity of the weaker eye in older patients, though often with diminished rate, degree and extent of recovery.

There are two main steps to amblyopia treatment, the first part of lazy eye correction:


Step 1: Correcting vision problems
Eye conditions, such as cataracts, and refractive errors need to be corrected first and foremost. This is often as simple as prescribing glasses for near or farsightedness. Sometimes, in mild cases, correcting the vision of the weaker or lazy eye is enough for realignment.

Step 2: Retraining the eye-brain connection
In most cases, eye doctors block the stronger eye in order to train the brain to start recognizing the image from the amblyopia or lazy eye. This can be done with a patch or with eye drops that temporarily blur vision.

Eye muscle surgery

Occasionally, even the correction of amblyopia doesn’t correct strabismus issues that keep the eyes misaligned. In these cases, eye muscle surgery to strengthen or weaken certain muscles can help. A surgeon will either resect (or shorten) a muscle to strengthen it or recess a muscle (attaching it to a farther location) to weaken it.

Eye exercises

In a small number of cases, mild misalignment due to convergence insufficiency (where the eyes have difficulty turning in to focus on close objects) can be corrected with eye muscle exercises. These eye exercises include pencil push-ups and computer vision therapy.

Remember, the earlier you treat a lazy eye, the higher the chances of success. Anytime you have problems with your eyes or vision, chat with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

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