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Who is a candidate for orthokeratology?

Pediatric Eye Clinic

To determine if you are a great candidate for orthokeratology, we must first take a digital map of your eye during our orthokeratology consultation. By looking at your prescription, the shape of your eye, and the health of your cornea- our doctors will be able to determine if orthokeratology will work for you or not. With orthokeratology, there are no age restrictions. It is approved for all ages. However, for a young patient who is already showing myopia progression from year to year, we recommend starting orthokeratology as soon as possible. Once the eyes elongates and vision worsens, the structural changes to the eye are irreversible.

Before enrolling in services, you need to know that getting a steady amount of sleep each night is a large component to whether or not you will succeed. If you get an average of only 3 hours of sleep a night for example, even though your eyes and prescription would be ideally suited for the treatment you would not be giving your eyes enough time to reshape each night. Because this is a non-surgical procedure, if you stop wearing the retainer lenses at night time your vision will revert back to what it once was prior to treatment.

In addition, if your child is too scared to put on the retainer lenses, it will not be a pleasant experience in the office or at home. We recommend waiting until your child is ready to participate willingly before starting orthokeratology. Forcing a child to do something they are extremely uncomfortable with usually leads to poor compliance and improper lens care.

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Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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