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Ortho K Myopia Control Has A Lot of Advantages

Myopia Alternatives

  • This treatment is reversible and doesn’t have any major side effect. This ensures that no major complication takes place at a later stage of life.
  • It’s a simple procedure and is ideal for those afraid of a surgery. This procedure eliminates the need for surgery by providing a simpler and reliable treatment.
  • It controls and slows the rate of myopia progression.
  • Since you wear the lenses at night, you can engage in all kinds of activities, even activities where lenses are to be avoided.
  • It does not cause any discomfort to the person wearing it.
  • This procedure is considerably cheaper than surgical procedures.
  • You can’t work for a few days after a surgical treatment, but this is not the case with orthokeratology.
  • Throw your glasses away Orthokeratology shows quick results—improvement in vision that can be observed after a month or two under suitable conditions. But this time varies from patient to patient. Some show improvement in 10-15 days while others may take up to 6 months. One should consult their doctor before opting for this treatment to know if they suffer from any medical condition that does not allow this treatment.

Ortho K myopia control is suitable for kids. Since wearing glasses irritates them, lenses at night will soothe them and will treat their vision. Children often break glasses during play and recreational activities, so this treatment is suitable for them. If not cured, they are sure to cease the progress of myopia.

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01 Myopia Alternatives

Myopia Alternatives.

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