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4 Common Vision Problems in Children

Pedro Gomez OD

Children largely depend on their eyesight when it comes to their learning and growth. With they’re young and developing, however, their eyes may be prone to certain vision problems. Today, your eye doctor from Pediatric Eye Clinic talks about some of the most common childhood eye conditions.


Also known as pink eye, this condition may be caused by a virus, bacteria or allergen. Any of these may lead to inflammation of your kids’ conjunctiva, the tissue lining the inside part of their eyelids. As a result, their eyes may appear pink or red. In some cases, their eyes may produce discharge too.


More popularly referred to as nearsightedness, this causes faulty far-range vision while your children don’t have any problems seeing things up-close. Kids who prefer sitting in front of the TV or those who avoid playing catch or tag with their friends may have this eyesight error. Wearing corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses can help manage myopia. We may also recommend orthokeratology or overnight vision correction for your children’s convenience and better quality of life.


Congenital cataracts refer to those milky white opacities you may see in your infant’s eyes. They can block light rays from entering, causing cloudy or hazy vision. We may recommend removing large cataracts surgically to prevent them from compromising your children’s eyesight.


Amblyopia is a condition when one eye has failed to develop normal visual acuity. It’s often a complication of strabismus or misaligned eyes. Poorly aligned eyes may send different images to the brain, confusing the latter.

To prevent this problem, the brain may ignore the visual cues sent by the weaker eye that may lead to its function loss. This is why amblyopia is also known as lazy eye. Vision therapy can help realign your kids’ eyes and improve their visual acuity.

For more information about childhood vision problems, call us at (713) 772-6567 or complete our form.

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Pedro Gomez OD.

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