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At what age should the first eye check-up be done for a child?

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The first eye check up for a baby who is born at full term ( on the expected date of delivery) should be done between 3 – 6 months of age.

In case of a pre-term baby – i.e. a baby who is born before the expected date of delivery – it is important to get the first eye check done immediately after birth.

A lot of parents think that it may not be possible to examine the eyes of a newborn baby – but this a misconception. There are various methods to check the eye sight of children at various ages and you must start bringing your child for check-ups within 6 months of birth

Always remember that eye problems can occur at any age right from the time a child is born. And eye problems especially problems like short sightedness when left undiagnosed for a long time – can rapidly lead to loss of eye sight. So it is important to begin eye check-ups early in life and also to repeat the eye check-ups at the prescribed

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Pediatric Optometry in Houston.

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