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How will I know if my school going child or teenager has an eye problems?

Pediatric Eye Clinic

Eye check-ups in older children are just as important in older children as they are in babies and toddlers

Suspect that your child has short sightedness (myopia) or some other eye problem if you see any of the following:

  • You notice that while watching television there is watering in the eye
  • While watching TV the child is closing one eye
  • While watching TV the child tilts his/her head or completely turns his face to one side to allow one eye to see
  • Your child tilts his head to see something far away.
  • The child tells you that he cannot see the blackboard.
  • You notice that your child is copying things wrong from the blackboard and his/her handwriting is becoming difficult to read all of a sudden.

Source: whatparentsask

Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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