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How to Help Your Child Transition to Contact Lenses

Pediatric Eye Clinic

For some kids, contact lenses can be much more convenient than wearing glasses. This is especially true for active children, who may find wearing corrective lenses during physical activities cumbersome. Making the transition can be a bit challenging for some, which is where the following helpful tips come in.

Daily Disposable Contacts Are Best

Disposable contacts may be best for kids still getting acclimated. With long-wear contacts, proper maintenance is key. Failure to maintain lenses can result in eye problems, as well as potentially damaging the contacts. With daily disposables, maintenance is not as much of a concern. That way you can rest assured that your child won’t experience things like protein deposits on lenses — which can blur vision.

Pay Regular Visits to the Eye Doctor

Your eye doctor will be your best friend during your child’s transition from glasses to contacts. Not only will your doctor offer guidance on the best way to place and take out lenses, he or she can also ensure that your child’s eye health remains sound throughout the process. An eye doctor can also tweak prescriptions as necessary as your child grows.

Keep a Pair of Glasses Handy

In some cases, a child may only wear contact lenses for certain occasions. Keeping a pair of eyeglasses handy is essential in this case, especially if your child experiences issues with his or her contacts. Glasses are a good backup option, and there are some instances when your child may prefer wearing glasses — such as while doing homework at night.

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Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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