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Wear lenses only while you sleep

Ortho-K Specialized in Houston

Wake up and see without glasses or contacts.

Orthokeratology (ortho-k) is a non-surgical solution for patients with nearsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism that uses specially designed contact lenses to improve vision.

​When worn overnight, ortho-k lenses gently correct the curvature of the cornea. When removed in the morning, distant objects will come back into focus and patients can see clearly without the use of glasses or daytime contacts.

​Ortho-K gives you independence from glasses and contact lenses during the day, making it the preferred vision correction for those in competitive sports or have difficulty wearing daytime contacts due to irritation or allergies.

  • NO AGE RESTRICTION - Children and adults alike can benefit from comfortable and reversible ortho-K lenses.
  • NO SURGERY - Unlike refractive surgery, ortho-K is temporary and can be adjusted for changes in your eyesight.
  • NO DAYTIME LENSES - No need to hassle with contacts or glasses throughout the day.

Source: ofallonfamilyeyecare

19 Ortho K Specialized in Houston

Ortho-K Specialized in Houston.

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