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Wake up to clear vision with Ortho-K lenses

Orthokeratology Doctor in Houston

What are Ortho-K lenses?

FDA approved in 2002, Ortho-K lenses are custom made contact lenses that are worn while you sleep. The lenses gently reshape your eyes, correcting your vision during the night and when they are removed in the morning, you are able to see clearly and comfortably for the entire day.

What are the benefits?

  • Removes the need to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day
  • Excellent non-surgical pathway to clear vision
  • Treatment is completely reversible
  • Slows down the progression of nearsightedness in children
  • An alternative for contact lens patients who suffer from dry eye
  • Ideal for people with an active lifestyle—no more broken glasses or lost contacts at inconvenient times

How do I get started?

Call (713) 772-6567 or complete our form to schedule an appointment to find out if Ortho-K lenses are right for you.

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Orthokeratology Doctor in Houston.

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