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Myopia (Nearsighted) Control

Doctor Specialized in Infant Myopia

It may be possible to slow or stop the progression of your child’s nearsightedness.

Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is on the rise worldwide. In the United States alone, up to 50% of children are now myopic.

You may be asking yourself: “So what? My child just needs to wear her glasses, right?” The reality is there are significant eye problems that are sometimes associated with myopia, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and more. So it’s not something to be ignored.

Currently, there is no cure for myopia. But there are treatments, including orthokeratology (ortho-k). This non-invasive, non-surgical procedure allows for clear vision during the day without the need for daytime glasses or contacts and can even slow or stop the progression of nearsightedness.

If your child’s prescription changes yearly, ortho-k may be an option. The treatment provides the most benefit while your child’s prescription is still low, so don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Pedro Gomez at Pediatric Eye Clinic if ortho-k is right for your child.

Call (713) 772-6567 or schedule an appointment online.

Why does this happen?

Research shows that this refractive error (a disruption in the way light normally enters the eye) occurs due to an elongation of the eyeball or a change in the shape of the cornea (the clear outer “window” of the eye), or both. Effectively, these changes cause light to focus not directly on the retina (the light-sensitive tissue on the inside of the back of the eye) but instead somewhere in front of it.

Genetics are thought to play a major role. However, given the rising prevalence of nearsightedness among children, lifestyle and environmental factors (namely, spending more time indoors on smartphones, laptops, and tablets) are likely at play, too.

If you or a family member is living with myopia or have any other concerns about your eye health, we encourage you to contact Pediatric Eye Clinic today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Pedro Gomez. Please call us at (713) 772-6567 or schedule an appointment online.

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Doctor Specialized in Infant Myopia.

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