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Vision Problems Common Among Children

Pediatric Eye Clinic

Many vision problems begin in childhood. Most children are visual learners, so it’s important for parents to be proactive about their children’s visual health.

Lazy Eye

Also referred to as amblyopia, lazy eye is a disorder that develops when the visual acuity of one eye differs from the other. This problem may lead to focusing and alignment problems, forcing the brain to ignore signals sent by the weaker eye. As a result, the weaker eye may eventually lose its functionality.

Lazy eye is usually a complication of “crossed eyes” or strabismus, another common childhood vision problem. This is why we advise watching out for signs of this vision error. To do so, observe how your child’s eyes line up when looking at a particular object. Check if one eye may be turning sideways while the other one looks straight ahead. Wearing eyeglasses may help manage mild cases of amblyopia.

Pink Eye

Pink eye or conjunctivitis causes inflammation of the tissues lining the inner part of the eyelid, giving the affected eye a pinkish hue. Your child’s eyes may also become itchy, watery and swollen. Some forms of conjunctivitis may produce discharge as well.

Allergic pink eye can be treated with antihistamine medications. For bacterial conjunctivitis, we may prescribe antibiotics. Viral pink eye usually resolves on its own after a few days without medication.


Childhood myopia is a very common vision problem that interferes with distant-range vision, while close-range vision remains sharp. We can prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses to manage this condition.

For more information about common childhood vision problems, call us at (713) 772-6567 or fill the our contact form.

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Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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