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Tips on Preparing Your Kids for an Eye Exam,

Pediatric Eye Clinic

Taking your children to a trusted eye doctor regularly is one of the best things you can do to safeguard their vision. A clinic visit, however, let alone an eye exam, may make them feel nervous. Pediatric Eye Clinic shares some steps you can take to prepare them for one.

Do Some Research About the Clinic

Doing some research on the clinic before requesting an appointment is a good idea. Visit their website or call to check what eye care products and services they provide. Try looking for keywords, such as pediatric eye exams or family eye care. Better yet, drop by the office and see if it’s child-friendly. You may request to talk or meet with the optometrists, too.

Write Down Questions

Write down any questions or concerns about your children’s eye health beforehand. This way, you’ll be able to maximize your time during your consultation with your reliable eye doctor. Prepare your kids’ medical history as well. If possible, bring their medical documents, too.

Talk to Your Kids About It

Many doctor- or clinic-related anxieties happen because children were not informed about the visit until the last second. This is why we encourage telling them about the eye exam beforehand. Explain what happens during one and the benefits of doing so. You may also show them pictures of the clinic, optometrist and the equipment often used. Check the web for any eye exam animations as well. This can make the process exciting, interesting and fun, helping your children to relax. Doing so can also build rapport and trust.

Stay by Your Kids’ Side

Staying by your children’s side may be the best way to prepare them for a comprehensive eye exam. Your reassuring presence and touch will calm their nerves, ensuring their cooperation and a smooth consultation. You may also help them choose their own eyewear if we prescribe a pair. This way, they’ll find the whole experience fun, making them look forward to the next checkup.

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Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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