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School-Age Children Exams

Pediatric Optometry in Houston

Pediatric Eye Clinic offers comprehensive vision exams to school age children. Pediatric exams are very similar to adult exams where prescription determination, binocular testing and retinal health examination is performed.

However, some key distinctions between a pediatric vision exam from an adult exam is the reason for prescription determination, binocular vision testing and retinal health examination.

Prescription determination helps to detect a vision condition known as amblyopia. Amblyopia is a condition that indicates a large imbalance in prescription between the two eyes. A large difference in prescription can cause the child to rely on the better seeing eye resulting in a weakening of vision in the poorer seeing eye. When this occurs, the child begins to lose the ability to perceive depth perception which requires the ability to view binocularly.

Binocular vision testing is another essential part of a child’s vision exam. Binocular testing ensures that your child’s eyes are coordinated and working together to focus. The ability of your child’s eyes to properly coordinate together can affect the ability to learn and read. If your child is having any academic difficulty in school, it is essential that your child be seen for a complete vision exam to rule out vision related learning disorders.

Lastly, children can be born with congenital retinal eye conditions that can not be detected at a pediatrician or school screening. Proper retinal dilation helps to document congenital eye conditions to monitor for future changes as an adult.

We look forward to serving your most precious members of your family.

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Pediatric Optometry in Houston.

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