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See Clearly Without Glasses, Contacts or Surgery

Ortho-K Doctor in Houston

Orthokeratology (“Ortho-K”) is a treatment for patients who wish to enjoy their day without glasses or contact lenses. The patient wears a retainer lens that gently and safely changes the shape of the cornea so that the prescription can be reduced. In the morning the retainers are removed and the patient can see clearly without glasses and contact lenses. The lenses are comfortable, they don’t interfere with sleep, and you can even see clearly while they are worn. They last approximately a year and are worn as long as myopia progression is considered a risk or until freedom from daytime lens correction is no longer desired. Ortho-k is the preferred treatment for patients who are extremely active in sports since there is no need for glasses or contacts during the day.

Source: ofallonfamilyeyecare

Ortho-K Doctor in Houston.

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