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Orthokeratology Doctor in Houston

What Causes Myopia in Children?

Why do some children become nearsighted?

The most common reasons are :

1- problems using the two eyes together as a team (Binocularity)
2- problems physically focusing (Accommodation)

Don’t eyeglasses correct those problems?

No. Eyeglasses compensate but do not correct. When a child gets new eyeglasses, they continue to have difficulty with eye teaming and eye focusing. Children therefore become more nearsighted.

How can we solve the problem?

Nearsightedness is the outcome of a poorly focusing and teaming problem. Solve the underlying problem and the individual no longer continues to become nearsighted.

Vision Therapy enables the child to fix the underlying problem.

Here is an analogy:

  • Faulty visual system = fire
  • Nearsightedness = smoke
  • Vision Therapy = extinguishs the “fire”.

Source: newjerseyeyesite

Orthokeratology Doctor in Houston.

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