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Pediatric Optometrist in Houston

Pediatric Annual Eye Exams

Here at Pediatric Eye Clinic, we work hard to maintain a family-friendly and fun atmosphere no matter what the reason you come in. Getting an eye exam for your child probably doesn't sound that fun, but you’d be surprised by how enjoyable our optometrist and team can make getting an eye exam.

Why Child Vision Exams Are Important

You already know about the doctor-recommended schedule for eye exams at 6 months, 3 years and before starting school. But did you know that might not be enough? Children’s eyes change very quickly, and it’s possible that healthy eyesight can degrade in between the recommended times.

That’s why we advise getting a vision exam for your child every year. We can help spot potential eye problems before they become real trouble, and begin to correct them while still in the early stages. Common eyesight issues for kids include nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and lazy eye. These are all correctable, though, as long as you see an optometrist.

Another important reason to get a vision exam for your child is your own peace of mind. While most parents work hard to adhere to doctor-recommended guidelines, and you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself for not going further, many parents find it comforting to take their child to the eye doctor more often. After all, adults are advised to get vision screenings every year or two, and more often if you have eye trouble. Let’s bring that same caution to our kids today.

Schedule Your Next Child Eye Exam

Pediatric Eye Clinic is ready to become your pediatric optometrist, so give us a call to schedule an eye exam today. This is the first step in ensuring that your child is as prepared as possible for school, doesn’t develop any vision-based learning problems, and experiences as much success now and later in life as possible.

To make an appointment for an eye exam with DR PEDRO GOMEZ, please call us at (713) 772-6567.


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Pediatric Optometrist in Houston.

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