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Ortho-K Doctor in Houston

Who Benefits Most from Ortho-K?

If you have the following vision problems, you could benefit from orthokeratology treatment from the Pediatric Optometrist in Houston:

  • Ortho-K works best for people with blurry distance vision (myopia or nearsightedness) who require a corrective lens prescription of up to -6.00.
  • Low to moderate astigmatism (un-even eye curvature) may also respond well to Ortho-k contact lenses.
  • High levels of astigmatism should improve but typically don’t have as good of a result as those with lower astigmatism.
  • Farsighted people (individuals with hyperopia) experience variable results with Ortho-k treatment. Your optometrist in Pediatric Eye Clinic may recommend trying Ortho-k for farsightedness, because of the results,
  • if not sufficient, are temporary and reversible.
  • Presbyopia patients, who wear reading glasses, will probably still need the reading glasses after Ortho-k, but their nearsightedness should be reduced.

Source: positiveeyeons

Ortho-K Doctor in Houston.

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