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Keratoconus Specialized in Houston

What You Need to Know About Keratoconus

The cornea is the dome-shaped structure covering the front part of your eyes. It has a clear, smooth surface to help provide sharp eyesight. If its supporting protein fibers weaken, the cornea may lose its form, resulting in an eye condition known as keratoconus. Read on as your trusted optometrist from NOVA Vision Center sheds light on this condition.

Risk Factors and Causes

Keratoconus develops when you have extremely flexible protein fibers, which cause the cornea to develop an irregular, cone-like shape. Studies also show that genetic predisposition is a major risk factor for keratoconus.

Rigorously rubbing your eyes or wearing ill-fitting contact lenses can also contribute to keratoconus development. These habits may damage your cornea, causing it to become deformed. Individuals who have recurring eye allergies are also at a higher risk of developing keratoconus. Your expert eye doctor explains that oxidative stress can damage your cornea and its supporting fibers as well, resulting in this condition.

Common Symptoms

Keratoconus causes an alteration in your corneal shape and surface, potentially compromising the light-bending process in your eyes. This may impair both your distant and nearby visual acuity. You may also experience headaches, eye strain, and eye irritations. You may develop heightened glare sensitivity as well, making it difficult to drive at night.

Our Recommended Management

Wearing eyeglasses can help during the early stages of keratoconus. As the condition advances, however, we may recommend wearing scleral contact lenses, which have a wider diameter than regular contacts, allowing them to compensate for your impaired cornea.


Source: novavisioncenter

Keratoconus Specialized in Houston.

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