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4 Great Benefits Of Using Ortho-K Lenses

Non-Surgical Vision Correction Specialized in Houston

The Eye Doctors provide patients with a wide range of vision correction methods, such as laser eye surgery, eyeglasses and contact lenses. While these are reliable ways to enhance your eyesight, we proudly offer an equally effective alternative in the form of orthokeratology. Let us discuss today four great benefits of ortho-k lenses:

1. Choosing Orthokeratology Gives You Improved Visual Acuity

Orthokeratology, also referred to as corneal refractive therapy, helps correct common refractive errors, like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. We’ll ask you to wear the ortho-k lenses while you sleep, and you may remove them in the morning. They are specially-designed to reshape your irregularly-formed or unevenly surfaced corneas overnight, improving their light-bending process and visual acuity.

2. Orthokeratology Offers a Feeling of Normalcy

Ortho-k contact lenses may reduce your dependence on wearing your prescription eyeglasses and regular contact lenses. Since they modify structural infirmities while you sleep, you won’t have to use your corrective eyewear throughout the day. This lets you enjoy a feeling of normalcy – as if you have no vision errors at all.

3. Orthokeratology Promises Immediate Results

With ortho-k lenses, you are sure to experience immediate results. After using them for just one night, you can wake up to improved eyesight the next day. We may recommend using them every night for optimum effects. Another great benefit of orthokeratology is that its outcome is temporary. This means you’ll have the freedom to undergo other vision correction procedures in the future like LASIK eye surgery.

4. Using Orthokeratology Lenses Leads to a Better Quality of Life

By using orthokeratology contact lenses, you can have better visual clarity and comfort in no time. Since you won’t have to use your prescription eyewear the whole day, it also makes them a convenient vision correction option. According to your reliable eye doctor, studies also reveal that this method can help prevent the progression of pre-existing refractive errors, particularly nearsightedness.


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Non-Surgical Vision Correction Specialized in Houston.

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