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Reasons to Schedule an Eye Exam for your Kids

Pediatric Eye Clinic

Children Don’t Easily Realize They Have Vision Problems

In fact, studies show that one out of four kids may have undetected vision problems. Many of these conditions may not show any manifestations in the early phases, which is why it’s best to have your children’s eyes professionally checked. Your eye care specialist has the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to identify underlying sight irregularities. We also use the latest technologies when examining their various ocular structures and functions.

Many Vision Problems Develop During Childhood

You may notice that your children like to sit in front of the TV when they are watching their favorite shows. While this habit is common, it may be a sign of nearsightedness. Also known as myopia, this is a refractive error that causes difficulties seeing distant things clearly while the close-range vision stays intact. If left unmanaged, your kids may have a hard time seeing things written on their classroom boards, interfering with their learning. This is why it’s best to have them visit your reliable eye doctor before school resumes.

The Digital Age May Affect Your Children’s Eyesight

These days, computers and other technologies may be incorporated into your children’s curriculum. This means they are more exposed to blue light coming from gadgets, increasing their risk of developing vision conditions. We may prescribe computer eyeglasses during their eye exam to prevent these problems from happening.

Prompt Management of Identified Visual Irregularities

The sooner we establish sight-threatening conditions, the better chances we have of keeping your children’s eyes in great shape. If we detect nearsightedness, for example, we may prescribe using eyeglasses or contact lenses for better visual acuity. We may also suggest wearing ortho-k lenses. These are worn during sleep and removed when children awake. This way, they can study and play with superior vision, maintaining their quality of life.

Source: The Eye Doctors

Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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