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How Does Pediatric Orthokeratology Work?

Pediatric Optometry in Houston

In the US, over 40% of the population needs eyeglasses due to myopia, and many of them are children. Experts agree that the most common reasons children develop myopia is:

  • Wearing glasses that are too strong or too weak
  • Minimal or lack of exposure to the outdoors
  • Excessive close up work and play related to smart phones and tablets
  • Children whose parents are nearsighted
  • Children of Asian descent

Orthokeratology is a revolutionary way to gently reshape the front surface of the eye, resulting in clearer vision. As it involves an actual therapeutic process, numerous studies suggest this treatment is effective in slowing the progression of myopia in children. This vision shaping treatment often involves the wearing of a specialized mold custom-made to the patient’s eye specifications. These molds are worn while your kids sleep, gently reshaping their cornea.

Source: allaboutorthok

Pediatric Optometry in Houston.

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