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Contact lenses for children

Pedro Gomez OD

Contact lenses for children are a great alternative to glasses and there is no minimum age at which children can start wearing contact lenses. The most important thing is that they are motivated and mature enough to handle contacts.

A new type of contact lens which is only worn at night are especially suitable for children. This is because, not only do they correct short-sightedness but independent research has now shown that they also stop children's eyesight from getting worse. These new lenses are know as overnight contact lenses.

They use a technique called myopia control, which is gaining popularity, with children as young as six wearing overnight contact lenses. The lenses are custom designed for each child and made of a special new material which is safe to sleep in.

A further benefit of overnight contact lenses is that, as a parent, you are totally in control of your child's vision. The lenses are put in at night and taken out in the morning and, therefore, only worn when your child is at home. You can send your child to school knowing that they will be able to see perfectly all day long and there is no risk of a contact lens falling out or getting lost.

The advantages of overnight contact lenses over glasses are numerous; better vision, convenience for sports, greater self-confidence, ease of use, plus they can't be lost or broken like glasses. But stopping your child's eyesight from getting worse has to be the biggest benefit if all.

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Pedro Gomez OD.

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