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3 Tips to Managing Your Keratoconus

Keratoconus Specialized in Houston

Tip 1. Finding the RIGHT DOCTOR

Determining if your doctor is the right one for you can be difficult. Making sure you check the very basic of things is important. Here are a few things to ask to see if your doctor is right for you.

  • What do you specialize in? It is important your doctor works with patients with keratoconus.
  • What is your success rate in treatment of Keratoconus?
  • What treatments does your office provide for patients with Keratoconus?

Tip 2. Assess your treatment options

Don’t wait for your doctor to tell you what options are available. Do your homework, evaluate your options and write down any additional questions you have for your doctor.

Tip 3. Support Groups 

Support groups not only assist you with coping with the daily stress of Keratoconus, but it helps your family deal with it as well. Finding a support group can give you and your family comfort, knowledge, and friendship while you are being treated for your condition.

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Keratoconus Specialized in Houston.

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