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How To Control Myopia In Children And Adults?

Pediatric Optometrist in Houston

About half of school-going children is afflicted with childhood myopia. An Optometrist says that parents need to start addressing their child’s deteriorating eyesight as early as possible in their school years to give them a more comfortable lifestyle in future.

Many of us are familiar with generalised advice to prevent myopia or short sightedness. We will have heard it from our parents or teachers when we were young: correct our posture, read with sufficient lighting, keeping a distance when doing near work. In countries, like China, where myopia in children is significant, people have even gone as far as implementing daily eye exercises at school or installing rails at desks to enforce good eye habits amongst children.

One in ten children experience deterioration in their eyesight so severe that it affects their lifestyles. Wearing thick and heavy spectacles is a burden and limits children from participating in vigorous activities like sport and dance.

What Causes Myopia?

  • Genetics: If your parents are nearsighted, chances are high that you will be near-sighted to.
  • Behaviour: The proliferation of screens in our daily lives sees kids glued to smartphones, tablets and televisions. The stress put on the eyes increases myopia.
  • Glasses and Soft Lenses: The nature of how a standard spectacle or standard soft lens focuses light on the retina actually causes the eye to lengthen (increase their myopia).
  • Eye Muscle Control: Some kids have eye muscles that put stress on their vision.

Source: thenewageparents

Pediatric Optometrist in Houston.

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