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Ortho-K, is it right for your child?

Pediatric Eye Clinic

Ortho-K, otherwise known as orthokeratology, uses specially designed, FDA-approved contact lenses for temporarily correcting myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness. The lenses temporarily change the curvature of the cornea, improving the eye’s ability to focus. People of all ages, including children, can get Ortho-K.

If your child wants to go without glasses or contact lens, but they are too young for LASIK, Ortho-K could be the next best option. Ortho-K is especially beneficial if your child participates in contact sports or any other activities that could damage glasses.

They are typically worn at night while the child sleeps. In the morning, they are removed and are not worn for the rest of the day. Ortho-K lenses must be worn every night, or as prescribed, for the vision correction to continue.

Ortho-K has been shown to slow the progression of nearsightedness in children. These lenses hold the eye in the correct shape. Most people see clearly without glasses or contact lens after the overnight treatment.

Patients should be able to see well without glasses or contact lenses for a day or two, sometimes longer, after wearing the lenses for a night. For best results, your child should wear the Ortho-K lenses every night. If Ortho-K treatment is stopped, the cornea will return to its original curvature and the patient will have the same level of nearsightedness as before the treatment.

Potential side effects are similar to those of wearing normal contact lenses. These can include pain, redness and irritation. They’re usually temporary conditions. To prevent side effects, parents are encouraged to ensure their children are properly caring for the lenses and are following treatment plans.

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Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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