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What Causes Myopia?

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Initially, myopia was thought to be caused only by genetics. Today, there are several debatable causes. But what is not debatable is the undeniable role computers have played in the progression of childhood myopia. There is no doubt that long term (and incorrect) use of electronics devices (iPhone, book tablets, computers) correlates strongly with the increase in childhood myopia in modern day America — and the world!

Another causation that is hard to debate is the decreased amount of time children are spending outdoors during daylight hours. Whether at school or at home, the younger population is spending most of its waking hours indoors, doing close-up activities (e.g., computers, smartphones, etc.).

It is no secret that our children are consuming high amounts of sugary, processed foods at unprecedented levels. Your author feels it does not take a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science to know something is not right with this picture. Health care providers are already seeing the repercussions of this trend: Diabetes is appearing at a much younger age than historical norms. It is not too far a fetch to say poor nutrition is playing a significant role in the myopia epidemic.

Genetics, environment, computers and malnutrition are all contributing factors in myopia development and its progression. You cannot change genetics, but you can modify the other three: environment, computers and malnutrition. And by combining these modifications with Orthokeratology and Visual Therapy, you can significantly decrease your child’s myopia progression.

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