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How to Put in Ortho K Lens

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1. Clean your face and hands.

Since you will be touching your eye directly when inserting the contact lenses, you’ll want to avoid getting any dirt or germs into your eyes. Wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds, and dry them on a clean towel.

  • If you have long hair, tie it up while you’re putting in the contact lenses. Hair can distract you by getting in your eyes, and could also transmit dirt and germs onto the lenses.

2. Use your left hand to hold your right eye open.

Place your left index finger gently against your right eyelid, and gently pull the eyelid up so your eye is as far open as possible. At the same time, place your left thumb under your lower lid and gently pull it down.

  • It’s important that you keep your hands steady during this procedure. Keep your eye from blinking as you insert the contact lens.

3. Gently place the lens over your iris.

Set one of your contact lenses onto the tip of your index finger of your right hand. With your index finger, carefully lift it to your eye right. If the lens is damp, it should adhere to your finger and not slip around. Move the lens forward until it gently cups your cornea and is firmly in the center of your eye.

  • Your iris is the colored section in the center of your eye, which surrounds the pupil. The iris dilates (opens and closes) the pupil to adjust the amount of light that enters your eye.
  • Your cornea is clear, dome-shaped tissue that covers the front of your eye. The cornea allows light to enter your pupil, and helps focus light rays to assist the eye’s focus.
  • Never force the lens into your eye.
  • It’s okay to repeat the procedure multiple times if you don’t successfully apply the lens the first time.

4. Blink your eye to center and wet the lens.

Pull your finger back, as the lens should have adhered to the wet surface of your eye at this point. Blink several times, and the contact lens should center itself naturally by settling over the curved shape of your eye.

  • If the lens does not center itself when you blink a few times, or if it feels uncomfortable or isn’t centered over your cornea, you’ll need to pull the lens out and try again. To remove the lens, grip it lightly by the sides and pull it lightly away from your cornea.

5. Repeat the process for your next eye.

You’ll need to use your thumb and index finger to hold your left eye open, then gently insert the lens over your iris. If your lenses are marked “R” and “L,” put the correct lens in the corresponding eye.

  • If you are left handed, you may find it easier to spread your eyelids apart with your right hand, leaving your left index finger free to insert the lenses.

6. Go to sleep.

Ortho-k lenses are designed to be worn for an extended period of time while you’re sleeping, so you should only put them in immediately before you’re going to sleep. You need to sleep for at least 8 hours for the lenses to work.

Source: wikihow

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