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Ortho-K - Is it safe?

Pediatric Optometry in Houston

Ortho-k is quite safe and reversible procedure that was approved by the FDA in 2002. Unfortunately, like with any contacts, there’s a risk of some minor eye infection which, if it occurs, can easily be taken care of with some antibiotic drops. However, if you take good care of your lenses by cleaning and disinfecting them, you will greatly lower that risk. Visit your doctor regularly for checkups, and they will examine your corneal health, effectiveness of the lenses and possibly modify your lenses if necessary. Ortho-k lenses are made of highly breathable material that allows your eyes to breathe overnight and stay healthy. Naturally, choose to wear only the kind of lenses that have been FDA approved for orthokeratology. Because the effect of otrho-k lenses is temporary, there are few eye health risks and you can stop wearing them whenever you decide so.

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Pediatric Optometry in Houston.

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