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Thinking About Contact Lenses for Your Teen or Child?

Wave Contact Lenses in Houston

Many kids who wear contact lenses report feeling more confident, comfortable and more engaged in life. But are contact lenses right for your child? The most common questions that parents ask eye doctors are listed below. For more information, schedule a contact lens exam for your child.

Are my kids old enough to wear contact lenses?

While teens and children as young as 8 years old usually adapt without issue to the use and care of contact lenses, successful lens wear and care depends more on level of responsibility and the attitude of your child than his/her age. Ask your eye doctor if contact lenses would be the right choice for your child.

Will it be difficult for my child to care for his/her contact lenses?

It really depends on your child's level of responsibility and overall attitude toward hygiene. Some indicators might be the cleanliness of his/her room and his/her ability to brush their teeth at night without having to be reminded. Your eye doctor may ask questions about these topics to determine if your child is ready to wear contact lenses.

To boost success, many doctors prescribe daily disposables for children and teens since they don’t require solution or cleaning.

Can my child or teen wear contacts for sports?

Contact lenses are great for athletes. They offer sharp vision, and they don’t fog up, fall off, or break during play the way that glasses might. Also, unlike with glasses, your child won’t suffer a loss of peripheral (side) vision while wearing contacts. Consult with your eye doctor about the use of contacts during water sports because exposing contact lenses to water has been known to increase the risk of eye infection.

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Wave Contact Lenses in Houston.

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