Children's Vision Health

What Parents Need To Know

When monitoring your child’s health, an important factor to consider is whether or not your child could be developing eye and vision issues.


While vision problems can present at any point during our lifetimes, it’s particularly important to monitor children’s eyes for signs of trouble.

This is because children, particularly young children, may not be able to inform their parents about problems with their vision early enough to correct them. As a result, it’s up to parents and eye doctors to ensure that a child can see normally as they grow.

Children, School And Vision: A Match For Success

Though vision problems can range from temporary to permanent at any age, even slight vision problems can be extremely problematic for children. Due to their age, children are often unable to recognize when problems with their eyesight need to be mentioned to an adult. Many assume that everyone sees the world the same way that they do. This is one reason we rely on testing to tell us when a child is having problems with their vision.

Unfortunately, because most children spend so much of their time in school, even the mildest of vision issues can cause problems. Since as much as 80% of learning in school today is visually based, it’s clear that any vision issues could dramatically impact a child’s quality of life and their education. And this is simply assuming that the vision problems aren’t an indication of another health issue - in which case, additional treatment may be necessary to ensure a child lives as healthy and normal a life as possible.

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