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The Orthokeratology Process

Pediatric Optometry in Houston

Orthokeratology involves a three-step process:

1. The initial examination, where eye doctor will use a corneal topographer to precisely map the curvature and refraction error of the cornea, and ensure the overall health and suitability of the eye,

2. The fitting, which may happen on the same day, where the optometrist place a series of Ortho-K lenses on the eyes to achieve an ideal fit, and

3. The one-to-two-week treatment phase where candidates use their Ortho-K lenses while sleeping for at least six to eight consecutive hours each night.

Patients may wear disposable soft lenses or glasses during the day during the initial phase as correction is achieved. When full treatment is achieved, only the prescribed overnight contacts need to be worn – no lenses are needed during waking hours. Occasionally, candidates experience mild glare or haloes around bright lights. Remember, there is always the risk of infection without proper eye and lens care, so practice good hygiene and keep your scheduled routine follow-up eye appointments!

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Pediatric Optometry in Houston.

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