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Myopia Treatment Options

Orthokeratology Specialized in Houston

Since myopia develops throughout the growing years before finally settling down, slowing that development in childhood can leave an individual with less severe myopia for life. Your child's optometrist can implement any of several treatment methods to help control nearsightedness, including:

  • Vision Therapy - Vision therapy can be highly useful for reducing myopia. Specialized exercises and other techniques can help improve accommodation, the ability to switch between near and distance vision easily. Vision therapy can also help relieve myopia related to spasms in the focusing muscles of the lens.
  • Eye Drops - Medicated eye drops containing atropine have been found to reduce the speed of myopia development by up to 81 percent during the first year of treatment. Atropine can have some side effects, such as blurry vision and light sensitivity -- but interestingly, an extremely low concentration of atropine can actually do a better job of myopia control than a higher concentration of the drug.
  • Orthokeratology - Orthokeratology, better known as ortho-k, is the latest tool in our myopia control arsenal. Ortho-k lenses actually work as molds, gently and safely reshaping the corneal curvature during sleep for adults with myopia and other refractive errors. But in children, these lenses have the added benefit of reducing elongation of the eyeball, resulting in less myopia development.

Source: pelhamparkwayvisioncenter

Orthokeratology Specialized in Houston.

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