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5 Warning Signs of Vision Problems in Children

Pediatric Eye Clinic

Kids need many tools to help them succeed in school but the most important tools that will help determine their success is clear vision. Up to 80 percent of your child’s learning will be done with their eyes, so if their vision is not functioning properly, their performance in school and extracurricular activities will suffer.

We know that you want to see your child succeed in school so helping you take care of your child’s vision is our top priority. Here are five warning signs of vision problems that you can begin watching out for:

1. Squinting

If your child is nearsighted then squinting their eyes helps make their vision a little clearer and can clear up any distorted vision resulting from astigmatism. Nearsighted just means that they can see things that are close to them but have a harder time with objects that are far away. Squinting is simply a coping mechanism to help relieve their blurry vision.

2. Frequent Eye Rubbing

Frequently rubbing their eyes can be a key sign of eye strain in children. Eye rubbing can be a sign of a focusing issue that causes the eyes to tire easily. Frequent headaches are another sign of eye strain to watch out for.

3. Short Attention Span

Children who suffer from farsightedness often have little tolerance for activities like coloring or doing puzzles. Farsightedness means that children can see objects that are far away but struggle to see things that are up close. It is very tricky to diagnose because farsighted children can easily make out some of the smaller numbers or pictures on the eye chart.

4. Covering One Eye

When one eye has clearer vision than the other, children may have a tendency to cover the weaker eye. This is because when the two eyes don’t work well together, the brain wants to use the stronger eye and ignore the weaker one. If this problem isn’t caught and corrected early it can result in permanent vision loss.

5. Poor Performance in School

If you child is struggling to read what the teacher is writing on board then his grades will likely begin to suffer. If your child seems to be struggling in school it is a good idea to take them for a complete eye exam.

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Pediatric Eye Clinic.

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