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4 Tips for reducing eye strain in both children and adults

How is eyestrain treated?

Individuals who look at screens two or more hours in a row on a daily basis are at the greatest risk for eyestrain issues. Treatments generally consist of making changes in daily habits and living environment.

Consider these tips to reduce eyestrain:

1. Adjust position and lighting. Lighting and glare can make it difficult to see properly. When on a desktop, position the monitor about an arm's length away and have the top of the screen at or just below eye level. Adjust the contrast, brightness and size of the text to enhance viewing experience. Position the light source directly on the reading material. When reading at a desk, use a shaded light positioned in front to keep light from shining directly into the eyes. Try to keep the room softly lit when watching television, with shades drawn to prevent harsh glares.

2. Take breaks and limit screen time. Children may not focus on the length and time of digital use, so it's important to remind your child to take breaks between limited uses. Make sure to take incremented breaks every other hour and relax eye muscle tension by closing your eyes and taking deep breaths several times a day.

3. Blink and moisturize eyes. Blinking produces tears that moisten and refresh eyes. Don't forget to blink often during electronic use. Artificial tears can help prevent and relieve dry eyes as well. A physician may suggest which drops may fit individual needs. Use drops as directed by a physician to help prevent a recurrence of symptoms.

4. Improve air quality. Using a humidifier, adjusting the thermostat to reduce blowing air and avoiding smoke can all help improve the quality of the air in your house.

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