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What Cause Corneal Abrasions?

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There are countless ways to get a corneal abrasion. No matter how big or small, anything that makes contact with the surface of your eye can cause injury.

Tree branches, paper, makeup brushes, a pet, a finger, workplace debris, sports equipment and more all pose a danger to the front surface of your eyes.

Many corneal abrasions aren't caused by a noticeable traumatic event, such as getting poked in the eye. Sand, dust and other small particles can cause a corneal abrasion as well, especially if you rub your eyes.

Dry eyes can increase your risk of a corneal abrasion, particularly when awakening from sleep. If your eyes dry out while you are sleeping, your eyelids may stick to your cornea. When you wake up and open your eyes, your lids can tear and dislodge a portion of the outer layer of the cornea (epithelium), causing a painful abrasion.

Contact lenses usually won't protect your eyes from corneal abrasions. In fact, if your contacts are damaged or you wear them too long, they may even increase your risk of a scratched cornea.

Source:All About Vision

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