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4 Signs That Your Child May Need Glasses

Signs Of Vision Impairment In Children

Children often do not know that their vision is blurry! It makes sense when you think about it it’s all they’ve every known! When some parents learn that their child has probably needed glasses for a long time, certain other related problems come into clarity such as low grades, frustration, misbehavior, or reading struggles.

 As a parent, it can be hard to connect the dots, and to attribute some of these things to poor vision.

4 Common Signs Of Vision Impairment In Children.

​1.- Tripping Or Bumping Into Objects
Children with vision impairments can be mistaken as clumsy. If your child runs into corners and objects that other people don’t run into, it may be a sign that they’re not seeing as well as they should.

2.- Frequent Headaches Or Squinting
Does your child squint often or complain of frequent headaches? Does she rub her eyes frequently, hold her head in her hands often, or feel unexplainably nauseous?

3.- Sitting Super Close To The TV Or Computer
Most children occasionally sit too close to the TV or computer. But if you’re noticing it as a habit, there may be a problem.

4.- Trouble Reading
If your child has a hard time following along when you’re reading together it may be an indication that it’s time to visit with a Vision doctor!

Source: Vision Source

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