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Alternative to Eye Surgery

Ortho-k: Reshape Cornea

Millions of Americans need glasses or contacts to help them see clearly, and while many get laser eye surgery to correct their vision, not everyone can do so, including kids.


But state-of-the-art technology offers non-invasive alternative to surgery. Ortho-K looks like contact lenses, but they are a bit smaller than soft ones, more breathable than hard ones.

But the biggest difference is they are worn while sleeping.

"The central part of the lense reshapes the cornea just like surgery does. So if you’re flattening the central part of the cornea you see better, said Dr. David Roth, who specializes in Ortho-K, or Orthokeratology.
The process has been around since the 1960s. The patient pops Ortho-K contacts in before be and pops them out in the morning.

Roth said Ortho-K contact lenses are a great alternative for people who don't qualify for laser eye surgery. Or for those who do qualify but don't really want surgery. They're also best for children, who benefit most from their stabilizing power.

"It also stops the eyes from getting worse," said Roth. "There’s proof with children. There’s no actual proof with adults. But with most of my adults their vision really doesn’t get any worse either."
"With kid’s vision, if they start out at a low prescription it could triple by the time they’re 18," said Roth. "And the sad thing is it could’ve halted it."

Source: nbcmiami

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