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Eyelid Inflammation in Children

Eyelid Inflammation Causes

Blepharitis is an irritation of the eyelids. It has a variety of causes, ranging from allergy and infection to irritation as well as skin cancers. It is the most common eye disease.

Usually, blepharitis is mainly a nuisance and responds well to treatment.

Blepharitis may be caused by inflammation, bacteria, allergies, tumors, environmental conditions, or it may be related to systemic disease.


  • Inflammatory or allergic blepharitis results in increased shedding of skin cells near your eyelids.
  • Allergic blepharitis may be caused by irritants in the atmosphere (for example, chemicals at work) or by many medications, either ocular or systemic. In many people, blepharitis is caused by exposure to animals such as a dog or cat.
  • The ulcerative form (infectious blepharitis) often results in infectious yellowish or greenish discharge.
  • Blepharitis may be caused by systemic medical conditions or skin cancers of various types.

Blepharitis usually causes symptoms of eye itching, irritation, burning, and the sensation that something "may be in the eye." The complaint that "my eyes feel dry" is common.

With contact-lens wearers, it is often mentioned that "I can't wear my lenses for as long as I did before" and "the lenses irritate me more."

The lids may be red and may have ulcerative, non-healing areas which may actually bleed.

Source: emedicinehealth

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