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Ortho K Lenses For Astigmatism

Correcting Astigmatism

Correcting astigmatism with contact lens requires a lens, that has a double prescription, to sit in a stable position. Small rotations of the lens cause blurring and occurs when the eyes move or blink. There is a multitude of stabilising methods that are employed to correct this but in combination with the tendency for the lens to dehydrate between blinks, then some wearers find their vision is annoyingly unstable.

When this occurs, wearers are often told that they are unsuitable for lenses, their astigmatism is too great, their astigmatism is the wrong type, their prescription is out of range.

Often this is untrue and may be down to the experience of the eye care practitioner.

Ortho K lenses provide an alternative, stable correction for astigmatism. These lenses gently correct the astigmatism overnight resulting in clear vision throughout the day, no matter where the eyes are looking or how much they blink.

If you have no contact lens in your eye, it won’t be affected by hours in front of a computer or, air conditioning or, walking into shops or, being on a plane.

Hormonal factors that can cause dryness with conventional lenses is not an issue either.

Ortho K is ideal for many sports where clear stable vision is essential to success.

Ortho K lenses are not the only alternative for providing comfortable, clear vision in astigmatism. Where prescription does prohibit Ortho K lenses, other lens types such as hybrid or mini-scleral designs can also provide clear, comfortable vision correction.

Source: theorthoclinic

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