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Eye Problems And Diabetes


When fluid inside the eye doesn't drain properly, pressure can build up. The increase in pressure can damage nerves and the blood vessels in the eye, causing changes in vision.

Open-angle glaucoma, the most common form, can be treated with medications. They lower the eye's pressure by speeding up drainage of aqueous humor or causing your body to make less of it.

You may not have any symptoms of open-angle glaucoma until the disease is very advanced and you have significant vision loss. Your doctor can catch it earlier, during your annual exam.

With a less common form of glaucoma, you might notice:

  • Headaches
  • Eye aches or pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Watering eyes
  • Halos around lights
  • Vision loss

Treatment can include special eye drops, laser procedures, medicine, or surgery. Surgery and laser treatments improve the eye's drainage.

People with diabetes are also more likely to get an uncommon type of glaucoma, called neovascular glaucoma. New blood vessels grow on the iris, the colored part of the eye. These block the normal flow of fluid out of the eye, raising the pressure.

It's difficult to treat. One option is laser surgery to cut back on the vessels. Doctors are also studying the use of implants to help drain the fluid.

Source: webmd

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