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Contact Lenses In Your Child's Eyes

Part II Caring For Them

  • Help your child insert her lenses only on a temporary basis. It is important that your child learn how to insert her lenses for herself. Many optometrists will request that your child practice inserting a trial pair of contacts at their office. If your child inserts her contact lenses herself, this will also reduce her desire to blink during the application process.
    • A recent study found that children between the ages of eight and nine were all successfully able to insert their own contact lenses
  • Monitor your child's cleaning habits for his contacts. Make sure your child knows that he should never clean his contacts with water or saliva; instead, he should only use solutions and disinfectants that have been recommended by his optometrist. He must also properly store his contact lenses in an optometrist-approved solution overnight or when not in use.
  • Watch your child's wearing habits. If your child is wearing daily disposable contacts, make sure that she is properly disposing of the pair each evening and not wearing them over a longer period of time. You should ensure that your child is not sleeping in a pair of contact lenses unless the contacts have been approved for overnight use.
  • Discuss the proper methods of contact lens insertion with your child. If your daughter is wearing make up, make sure she knows that she must insert her contact lenses prior to applying cosmetics. You should also look into using hypoallergenic cosmetic and skincare products for your child when she wears contact lenses.

Source: wikihow

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