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How Myopia Affects Your Lifestyle

How To Help Children With Myopia

Regardless of age, not being able to see objects or images at a distance can affect your daily life.


Without proper vision correction, a child can struggle at school when he or she cannot see the chalkboard or engage in some school activities. Adults can fail to see road signs while driving, which is a safety concern. Myopia can also prevent individuals from fully enjoying a performance, a sport or the outdoors. Early on, individuals who are nearsighted should have their eyes examined regularly to ensure that their prescription strength remains accurate.

Depending on the amount of myopia, some people may need to wear corrective lenses only for certain activities. Others may need to wear them most of the time. Either way, learning to properly wear contact lenses or getting used to glasses takes some adjustment. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from depending on lifestyle and budget. Once nearsightedness is corrected, it generally won’t affect your daily life significantly.

How To Help Children Live with Myopia

  • Don’t say the child has “bad eyes;” instead, tell him his eyes just bend light differently and corrective lenses are needed to help focus light rays.
  • Use simple illustrations to help them understand how a differently sized eye results in nearsightedness.
  • Consider contact lenses as an option, depending on their age.
  • Don’t restrict their activities because of poor vision.
  • Engage them in discussions about their eyesight.
  • Encourage them to verbalize concerns about the adjustment to rapidly changing vision.

Source: myeyes

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