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Health Benefits of Resting Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes And Relax

When we say resting, we mean than you don’t go to sleep, you just shut your eyes and relax.


Resting your exes is extremely important because many people exert their eyes too much during the day.

Most of jobs are now performed in front of computer screen, and it is very easy to get tired.

The problem is that when we read some text on the screen, we are concentrated so much that we do not blink enough.

Blinking is a natural way to moisten your eyes.

  • If you do not blink, your eyes become dry very quickly and they can even start to hurt.
    If you do not wear glasses to correct your vision, you could strain you eyes even more to read something on the screen.
    That is way it is extremely important to rest your eyes and take breaks from looking at the computer screen.
    Eye muscles relax

Since you are not focusing your eyes on anything, muscles that control eye movement can relax for a bit.

Deep breathing
You can use this situation to breathe deeply and do some basic form of meditation.
You will relax your mind, lower your stress levels, improve your mood and you will have more will to continue your work.

Mental break

Since you are relaxing, you can also free your mind of your work troubles.
Feel refreshed

If you combine deep breathing with resting your eyes, you can feel more refreshed after a few minutes. This could be just what you need during your office hours.

Other benefits

  • Reduces irritability and impatience
    Reduces frustration about your work tasks
    Lowers anxiety
    Releases negative energy
    Better mental clarity

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