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Preparing Your Child for an Eye Exam

A Trip To The Doctor

A trip to the doctor, any kind of doctor, can feel a child with anxiety and worry as they anticipate what is going to happen during their visit. A visit to the eye doctor is no different for many children, some of whom are very vocal about their reservations, and others who feel silently nervous about what to expect.


Parents play a huge role in helping their child feel prepared for an eye exam by reassuring them and explaining what they can expect before they head to the doctor’s office.

There are some common fears among kids who feel nervous about a doctor’s visit. By addressing these common issues, parents can help lessen anxiety and make sure the appointment runs smoothly:

Separation Concerns

Kids often worry that their parent is going to leave them alone in a room with the doctor to be examined and without the presence of their parent, this can be a daunting concern. Assure your child that you will not go far and show them the waiting room where you will sit and wait for them, or simply speak with the doctor ahead of time and arrange so that you don’t have to leave the room at all during the exam.

Fear of the Doctor

If your child is meeting the doctor for the first time, not knowing him or her might make them feel scared. Take some time before the exam begins to introduce your child to the doctor and explain the process that is about to take place. It’s always helpful to choose a doctor who has plenty of experience treating and interacting with kids.

Potential for Pain

One of the main reasons your child might be nervous about going in for an exam of any kind is because they’re worried about the possibility of pain. Encourage your child to ask any questions they might have regarding the procedure. Allow the doctor to explain what the various tools are that they will be using during the exam so your child isn’t caught off guard.

Fear of a Serious Problem

Kids may worry that a trip to the doctor means that there is a serious problem that they aren’t being told about. They may allow their imaginations to get the best of them while picturing the worst case scenario. Explain to your child why they are undergoing an examination and that it’s just an effort to keep them happy and healthy.

By preparing your child ahead of time for their eye exam, you and your doctor can ensure that your child remains comfortable and calm during their appointment while getting the care that they need.

Source: drrosaoptometry

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